CCTV security revolutionised on-premises surveillance, making it possible for the first time to have a comprehensive network of cameras and recording equipment under direct control, to provide a remote view of any part of your property at any given time.

Of course, the ability to record footage from CCTV equipment is also a major advantage, thanks to the potential to use such footage to catch criminals and rogue employees.



Surfacing around the world today was the news that Russian hackers have hijacked footage from baby monitors, webcams and CCTV systems in Britain and other countries and streamed the footage live on a Russian website.

In amongst the 600 feeds hijacked from the UK is footage from gyms, shops, driveways and perhaps most shockingly, bedrooms, including a child’s bedroom in Birmingham. The news comes as a huge wake-up call to many with an estimated 350,000 such cameras sold last year in the UK. Cameras from brands including Panasonic, Liksys and Foscam have all been affected.



With the turning back of the clocks, it seems like winter is well and truly here and the longer hours of darkness are setting in. While this may be a good excuse to get snuggled up in front of a roaring fire, it unfortunately means an approximately 20% rise in home burglaries.

With this in mind, October has become National Home Security month which encourages people to look at their existing home security and improve it wherever possible to help better protect them from criminals.




Home CCTV security systems are no longer a gimmick, nor are they limited to the homes of the rich and famous – in fact, it’s likely you’ll have seen home CCTV footage on your local news at some point.

They are used to safeguard against all kinds of offences, from burglaries to antisocial behaviour from neighbours.



How good is your workplace fire safety preparedness? It should be one of the first questions you answer when opening new premises, or relocating to a new facility.

But it goes beyond just putting up some luminous ‘Fire Exit’ signs and running through an employee escape drill.




An intruder alarm is a great way to protect properties of all types, from residential dwellings right through to commercial buildings and other business premises.

The thing all of these buildings have in common is that they are private places, with possessions and other valuables inside to which you do not want to allow unauthorised access.




Many business premises now have a CCTV system in one form or another – and in some cases maintaining your cameras and recording equipment to a good standard is mandatory.

But even setting regulations aside, there are good reasons to consider upgrading to a high-definition CCTV system, or installing one from scratch if your premises are not already monitored in such a way.

Here are a few of the best reasons to think about HD CCTV as an option for your premises.


Intercom Systems

An intercom system can be a useful security feature, allowing you to speak directly to visitors before they have been granted access to your premises.

That’s a benefit in itself, but it really goes without saying that that’s what an intercom is for.

Here are five more advantages of installing an intercom system that might not be so obvious.



Our Access Control Systems have many features which you might not automatically think about. One such feature is the roll call and muster function.

Roll call allows the system administrator to produce a list of all users currently within a specified area. This is particularly useful in an emergency situation where a building or area has to be evacuated. The list can be printed out or displayed on a computer which can be accessed outside of the building, e.g. in a security gatehouse. People can then be checked off manually or can swipe their token against an Control external reader with ‘muster status’. Once a user has successfully mustered, their status on the roll call report will change from missing to safe, allowing for everyone to be effectively accounted for.



As one of our core services, ACC are unrivalled in providing bespoke Access Control systems to the commercial sector. Access Control protects your business and staff by limiting who can gain entry to your premises. Authorised personnel are issued tokens to swipe over wall-mounted readers, or given codes to be entered onto keypads, allowing them to pass easily through controlled doors.