With the turning back of the clocks, it seems like winter is well and truly here and the longer hours of darkness are setting in. While this may be a good excuse to get snuggled up in front of a roaring fire, it unfortunately means an approximately 20% rise in home burglaries.

With this in mind, October has become National Home Security month which encourages people to look at their existing home security and improve it wherever possible to help better protect them from criminals.

As experts in this field, we thought it only fair to offer you some of our top tips.

Home CCTV Systems

Once considered unaffordable for many, home CCTV systems are now becoming more and more commonplace and for good reason. Acting as a visual deterrent, a CCTV camera is very effective at preventing a crime happening in the first place. If the worst does happen however, CCTV recordings can provide vital clues and evidence when it comes to catching and prosecuting the offender. So for the ultimate home burglary preventer, it may be worth investing in a CCTV system.

Intruder Alarm

Similar to home CCTV systems, the intruder alarm can also act as a deterrent due to the external alarm box. If you are burgled, you can be alerted to that fact giving you peace of mind and allowing you to alert the emergency services.

Window and Door Security

It may seem common sense, but one of the easiest ways to protect your house is by ensuring all windows and doors have secure, workable locks as forcing these entry points is all too common. Window sensors that link to your intruder alarm can provide that extra assurance.

Security Lights

During the darker months, would-be burglars use the extra hours of darkness to keep inconspicuous. Installing a security light fitted with a motion sensor can act as the perfect deterrent as it blows the criminals’ cover.

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