There’s no better time to address your fire safety systems and any outdated fire alarms than during a heat wave, when the risks of a fire starting accidentally on your premises can be much greater. (more…)


With the start of British summertime, it’s high time to carry out a full audit of CCTV systems and intruder alarms to make sure you’re well equipped to stay safe and secure as the nights get lighter. (more…)


Business premises fire prevention should be a priority for any organisation, but if the worst happens, advanced fire systems can also be crucial in limiting the damage and making sure occupants can get out of the building safely. (more…)


Paxton Access Control Systems are a way to automate perimeter security on your premises, so that you do not need to have security personnel at entry and exit points around the clock. (more…)


The different seasons bring their own unique business security challenges as the year progresses, and at the height of summer the longer evenings and lighter nights – even in the small hours – give potential thieves a much longer window of opportunity.

Keeping a business safe over summer doesn’t have to be a major headache, especially if you’re smart on security all year round, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your premises are protected.


ACC Security share their top tips for businesses to stay secure over Easter weekend and the spring-summer bank holidays.

Easter is the first of the new season of bank holidays each year, with the double hit of Good Friday and Easter Monday seeing many businesses shut up shop for a four-day stretch – and with the lighter evenings and warmer weather too, that can leave some at risk from unwanted intruders (more…)


With burglaries, it’s well known in the security industry that homes are generally targeted more than businesses. But, although residential burglaries often outnumber non-residential burglaries, businesses usually suffer much higher rates of victimisation. This means that the knock-on effects often cost more, with long-term negative and financial impact.

However, research shows some slightly different statistics for retail businesses. Findings from the International Crimes against Business Survey (ICBS) show that retail premises experienced overall burglary rates, including attempted burglary, ten times those of households. Therefore, if you own a shop or retail business, you must consider your security – we’ve gathered information from industry research to explain why.



What do darker nights mean for your business?

It happens every year – the clocks go back at the end of October and we say goodbye to summer and spring for what often seems like an eternity. When the clocks go back, days become shorter and nights last longer – and as a result, risk to our businesses increases.

Most burglaries occur at night – as opportunistic thieves prefer to operate under the cover of darkness. Studies show that 61% of burglaries occur overnight, with these instances of theft also proving more expensive to victims. (more…)


Protecting from burglary and break ins

More often than not, burglary and break-ins are detrimental to businesses. Reports show that the average cost of burglary to a business is around £3,986 – so it’s important to prevent burglaries wherever possible. No matter the size, type or location of your company, a break-in can be devastating. So how do you protect yourself?

Combining access control, intruder alarms and CCTV to create a comprehensive security system is generally the best way to protect your premises against external threat, but is there anything else you can do? We’ve identified other steps that you can take to better protect your business from the risk of burglary and break-ins. (more…)


Even more integration for Paxton Net2…

Our partners Paxton, the UK’s market-leader of electronic IP access control and door entry solutions has announced the integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with Milestone Systems’ newest video management software (VMS).

This latest integration allows the user to display access control events and monitor video surveillance cameras from the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, a fantastically advanced and versatile piece of software. (more…)