What do darker nights mean for your business?

It happens every year – the clocks go back at the end of October and we say goodbye to summer and spring for what often seems like an eternity. When the clocks go back, days become shorter and nights last longer – and as a result, risk to our businesses increases.

Most burglaries occur at night – as opportunistic thieves prefer to operate under the cover of darkness. Studies show that 61% of burglaries occur overnight, with these instances of theft also proving more expensive to victims.

It’s said that a winter burglary costs victims 14% more than a summer one – perhaps as thieves have more time to cause damage. These same studies also show that there is a surge in burglaries in the early morning and early evening (roughly 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm) during the darker months.

With the clocks going back and more hours of darkness in a day, burglars have all the incentive they need to get to work. So what can we do to stop them?

Protecting your business during hours of darkness

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to protect yourself and your livelihood. Good security is so more than just guarding against losing your assets, it’s about protecting your peace of mind too, and being vigilant is the first step. So which security system features are crucial?

Alarms act as a deterrent

Commercial alarm systems are an extremely effective way to protect a business – in fact, where an alarm is fitted, around 60% of burglaries are unsuccessful. A noisy alarm is a great deterrent to thieves, and will prevent expensive incidents before they’ve even occurred.
Support alarms with motion-censored lighting

By combining intruder alarms with motion-censored security lighting, your business will become a fortress during the long, dark, wintery evenings that are on their way. Flood your premises with bright lights whenever an intruder approaches, and as thieves can’t stand the spotlight, they’ll soon take the hint.

Constantly monitor for consistent security

With a modern CCTV system, you can use remote hardware to view your security cameras on your own computer or smartphone – so you never have to take your eye off things. We can help you develop a strategic layout of CCTV cameras, so that no inch of your premises goes unwatched – even in the dark.

Make staff aware of boosted security

It might sound obvious, but when it’s dark outside staff will be eager to get home. Rushing out the door can often mean a missed security risk – such as an unlocked door or an open window. Take the time to remind staff that proper safety checks are crucial when shutting up shop for the night. Maybe have a check-list on the wall next to the door, so there’s no excuse to forget switching everything off at the plug, testing fire and intruder alarms and checking that the company’s CCTV is running.

Follow these simple steps for security best practice, and you’ll be giving a boost your business’s safety. Don’t let the dark nights get you down! Remember, if you need more information about intruder alarms, CCTV systems, or any other aspect of business security systems, just contact ACC today.