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At the forefront of this technology, we can provide invisible and reliable, passive intruder detection systems. View our posts about our Fire & Safety Systems.

There’s no better time to address your fire safety systems and any outdated fire alarms than during a heat wave, when the risks of a fire starting accidentally on your premises can be much greater.


Business premises fire prevention should be a priority for any organisation, but if the worst happens, advanced fire systems can also be crucial in limiting the damage and making sure occupants can get out of the building safely.


Who fitted your fire systems? In our last post we talked about combining Paxton access control with your fire door system, in order to best protect your business, staff and visitors. Now’s the time to consider the rest of the kit – think, as the boss, how fire-safety savvy are you?


How good is your workplace fire safety preparedness? It should be one of the first questions you answer when opening new premises, or relocating to a new facility. But it goes beyond just putting up some luminous ‘Fire Exit’ signs and running through an employee escape drill.