Many business premises now have a CCTV system in one form or another – and in some cases maintaining your cameras and recording equipment to a good standard is mandatory.

But even setting regulations aside, there are good reasons to consider upgrading to a high-definition CCTV system, or installing one from scratch if your premises are not already monitored in such a way.

Here are a few of the best reasons to think about HD CCTV as an option for your premises.

1. Open Standards

The HD CCTV standard uses the high-definition serial digital interface to carry its signal, and is capable of transmitting uncompressed HD digital video over a good distance.

It can be well suited to larger sites, where there is as much as 100m between the camera and its receiver.

HD CCTV also typically requires less configuration, making it easier to implement, and runs with lower latency, so you can achieve more ‘real-time’ surveillance.

2. Existing Infrastructure

In some cases where you have existing analogue infrastructure, you may be able to use the coaxial cables to carry HD CCTV Systems signals.

There will always be exceptions to this, of course, but if you are concerned about upgrading due to the rewiring that would be involved, it is worth finding out if your current coax cables could be reused in place.

Overall, the combination of reusing existing infrastructure, and minimal configuration required, can make HD CCTV very easy to install indeed – you might wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

3. Image Quality

It’s right there in the name – HD CCTV is, literally ‘by definition’, a standard that offers higher image quality.

This has multiple advantages for you as the operator, from better images of faces – particularly important for thefts and break-ins where a police appeal might be needed – to the ability to resolve smaller objects.

Again, this could be helpful in instances of theft, where a relatively small item like a piece of jewellery is taken; but there are countless examples of why it might be beneficial to be able to see smaller objects in good detail in your CCTV footage.


Finally, if you are using an old analogue tape-based system, a switch to HD CCTV could allow you to go digital.

As mentioned above, you might be able to do this at your endpoints of your system, while retaining your analogue infrastructure in between, for a best-of-both-worlds solution to upgrading.

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