Intercom Systems

An intercom system can be a useful security feature, allowing you to speak directly to visitors before they have been granted access to your premises.

That’s a benefit in itself, but it really goes without saying that that’s what an intercom is for.

Here are five more advantages of installing an intercom system that might not be so obvious.

1. Clear communication

You might not have any specific security concerns about letting people on to your site, but is it clearly signposted?

Most workplaces are not laid out with the sole purpose of being easy to navigate – and that can leave visitors feeling stranded.

An intercom system lets you know when somebody is at the gate so that you can go and meet them – meaning you don’t run the risk of strays wandering around lost.

2. Bespoke systems

You don’t have to use a cookie-cutter intercom system; there are bespoke systems available that are tailored to your precise needs, whatever they may be.

It’s hard to say much more about this without putting limits on the options that are open to you.

The fact is, whatever you need from your intercom system (within reason), you should be able to get a set-up that delivers.

3. Look and listen

Intercom systems are fine as long as you don’t need to see your visitor, right?

Well actually, video intercom systems mean that you can both see and hear your visitor before you grant them access to your premises.

This means you can check that they are who they say they are, and only let people in if you recognise them, or they are able to display the correct credentials on camera.

4. New technologies

Modern intercom systems are far from being yoghurt pots on a piece of string; they can be a fully fledged means of reaching people remotely across a sizeable workplace or site.

This allows 21st century technology to help you avoid unnecessary trips down to the gate to meet visitors; simply let them in, and meet them when they reach your door.

5. Word of mouth

If it’s not too much of a pun to talk of ‘word of mouth’ in relation to intercom systems, it’s worth remembering this as a key benefit within the buying process.

You might not consider it to be an advantage of the intercom system itself, but positive word of mouth is an indicator of a good-quality product.

When you install an intercom system that is trusted by large companies nationwide, you get considerable peace of mind – and that has got to be worth something.

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