Our Access Control Systems have many features which you might not automatically think about. One such feature is the roll call and muster function.

Roll call allows the system administrator to produce a list of all users currently within a specified area. This is particularly useful in an emergency situation where a building or area has to be evacuated. The list can be printed out or displayed on a computer which can be accessed outside of the building, e.g. in a security gatehouse. People can then be checked off manually or can swipe their token against an Control external reader with ‘muster status’. Once a user has successfully mustered, their status on the roll call report will change from missing to safe, allowing for everyone to be effectively accounted for.

Roll call reports can be created automatically in the event of a fire alarm, or manually by a system administrator.

This is a fantastic capability in an emergency situation but requires all personnel to rigorously adhere to the conventions of the system by swiping in and out of all controlled doors Video to remain accurate. Running a logical anti-passback system can help enforce this and is something that ACC can advise on.

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