Video analytics is the natural evolution of CCTV security systems, bringing them fully into the 21st century.

If your CCTV cameras are still simply recording footage for you to trawl through later, consider implementing video analytics as a way to avoid missing incidents, while reducing the cost of running your security system.

1. Easy to Install

Add cameras as and when you need them, each with capacity to record a minimum of three months of high-definition footage.

New cameras can be added easily and set up to use virtual tripwires to detect unusual patterns of movement, and alert you to the need for monitoring wherever you are.

2. Upgrade Existing Equipment

Save on the cost of replacing your entire existing CCTV system, by simply upgrading it to make use of video analytics.

No complete hardware renewal needed, just bring your existing equipment into the 21st century with HD footage, mobile access and automated security alerts.

3. Access from Anywhere

Free your footage from old-fashioned video tapes and removable discs – store three months of HD footage from each camera, with the option to access it wherever you happen to be.

You can access your camera footage from a range of different devices, including modern smartphones, for true anywhere-access to check on what is going on back at the office, warehouse or other premises.

4. Real-Time Surveillance

See what’s happening whenever you choose, via any of the available methods of access, and you can quickly give yourself peace of mind that things are all in order.

This is combined with push alerts when unusual activity is detected – when a virtual tripwire is tripped, or when any non-standard movement is detected on camera.

Your system knows what your day-to-day activities look like, so you should only receive an alert if motion is detected that falls outside of your employees’ everyday working practices.

5. Save on Staffing

All of this means there is less need for security staff to monitor live video feeds for inappropriate access and activity.

Video analytics automates that part of the process, keeping a virtual eye on all areas of your premises at once – at least, anywhere covered by a CCTV camera – so nothing is missed as it might be if security guards are distracted for any reason.

When unwelcome activity is detected that falls outside of your own preset parameters of what is acceptable, you will be alerted and can immediately access your footage via any compatible device – allowing you to take direct responsibility for monitoring the live feed when necessary.

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