One of the most important considerations when installing an Access Control system is how the doors will open in the event of a fire alarm. Here at ACC, we have the expertise to advise on the options available dependent on your building and local fire officer requirements.

Fire escape doors should be marked with the internationally recognised fire exit signs and a person must be able to open a fire escape door in the event of an emergency. When doors are fitted with electric lock mechanisms, there needs to be a fail safe way of opening them. This can be achieved by including an overriding mechanical release such as a crash bar, however in areas where security is of upmost importance, this is Video often not an option.

Our Access Control system can be integrated with fire alarm systems so that an alarm signal will alert the Access System to automatically open doors during an emergency situation. However electronic equipment is highly vulnerable to fire damage and potential failure, therefore, there must be an emergency override or fail safe method which involves cutting the power to the lock to ensure it releases in an emergency. In most commercial premises, this is provided by a break glass switch fitted on the 12V lock supply line.

These break glass switches, although essential, do constitute a potential breach in security if used in an unauthorised manner. In high security situations, consideration should be given to linking these switches to a monitoring system which ACC can also provide.

All our solutions are fully bespoke and we take time to carefully consider your individual requirements.

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