As one of our core services, ACC are unrivalled in providing bespoke Access Control systems to the commercial sector. Access Control protects your business and staff by limiting who can gain entry to your premises. Authorised personnel are issued tokens to swipe over wall-mounted readers, or given codes to be entered onto keypads, allowing them to pass easily through controlled doors.

As with any piece of technology, it can be very frustrating if your access system malfunctions. If you experience problems with your Net 2 readers or keypads and find they’re not working properly, then follow the simple steps below to try and diagnose the problem:

1. User Token – Check that the token you are using to test the reader is functioning. Do this by Access testing the token on a known working reader to eliminate the token as the source of the fault. A reader will beep or the LEDs will change colour when it, and the token, are operational.
2. Software Settings – Confirm that the settings of the reader or keypad are correct.
3. Connections – Ensure the wiring and connectors are intact.
4. Interference – Test the reader ‘in hand’ rather than when fixed to the wall. If the reader is mounted on a metal surface, this may affect the read range as the signal is reflected back. Readers must be mounted at least 300 mm apart to prevent overlap and degradation of signals. Other security systems often use the same 125 kHz signal as our readers so check other equipment isn’t causing interference.
5. Cable – If the cable has been extended, check it’s not exceeded the maximum cable distance and that the Analytics correct cable has been used. Wiring the reader directly into the reader port will rule out or confirm any cable issues.
6. Reader Port – Test the reader in another reader port to eliminate issues with the reader port.
7. Clean – Clean the reader by wrapping some clean paper round a user card and swiping through.

If all else fails and you can’t get to the bottom of the problem, give ACC a call on 0161 430 8887 to see if we can help. As experts in this field, we’d be more than happy to offer our assistance.

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