Security Alarm System

When your business or organisation is under physical threat, your first line of external defence is your internal security system. Traditional standalone systems provide many benefits. However, the individual components (such as CCTV cameras, security alarm systems, access control and intercom systems) are optimized tenfold when combined into one fully integrated security alarm system.

The most effective security solutions use advanced communication networks from a single control centre that monitors your system. This universally links and manages each individual security component, enabling the system to run as intuitively as possible. In the event of a security breach, it will provide a swift and assured response whereby either the police or relevant persons will be notified. Specific benefits of full integration include:

Improved Access Control

Access control is improved in both quality and efficiency. Control capabilities are also enhanced to work with fire detection or communication systems. This will improve the overall safety of your business for both staff and assets.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

As well as improved security protection, the central control system ensures regulations are adhered to.  It ensures that procedure is always followed in the event of an incident. Records are also improved by using stored data, should an incident occur.

Improved Response Time

Due to the improved communication across the entire system, including between CCTV cameras and alarms, real-time emergency response is drastically improved . The correct sequence of actions will commence as soon as an intruder alarm is raised.

Reduced Costs

System interfaces are reduced, lowering expenditure. There are also fewer specialist trained personnel required to operate the system, resulting in lower running costs. Also, less maintenance is required to the entire system.


For maximised security, your system needs to be fully-integrated. ACC Security offers a full service whereby we will visit your premises and assess your individual needs. Once we have designed a comprehensive security package for your entire property and any surrounding land, we will then provide any required equipment and install all systems accordingly. Once your system is up and running we are dedicated to maintaining it effectively, so your security will deliver at all times.

By implementing a fully integrated security alarm system you will be taking the best possible steps to safeguard your business. These types of systems are also available for home security for improved protection in residential areas. If you’d like to find out more about how we can fit your business or home system, or assist you in integrating an existing system, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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