paxton access 30th Birthday

IFSEC International 2015 was a celebration for Paxton Access Control, as the manufacturer of building intelligence systems and the Net2 door entry solution marked 30 years in business, surrounded by friends and partners from the building security industry.

The birthday party was a great excuse for those at Paxton’s IFSEC stand to indulge in a few nibbles and drinks, and to share in the festivities as the company reached the three-decade milestone in the company of other leaders within the security industry.

New Paxton products including the Net10 integrated building intelligence system and the next generation of Net2 door entry panels were also on show at the event.

In a YouTube video posted after the event, Paxton Access Control said: “This year IFSEC feels like a real celebration. Thirty years in business is absolutely fantastic.” You can watch the full video below:

At ACC Security, our access control systems are supplied by Paxton Access Control, and it was great to see the firm reach this major milestone while still looking to the future with the new products unveiled at IFSEC.

We supply the full Net2 range, which includes versatile door entry systems paired with Proximity cards and fobs to enable regular access for authorised individuals, as well as temporary guest permissions.

Paxton Access Control products help to protect your building against unauthorised access and trespassers, and can also help you to monitor where employees and guests are located within your buildings.

Of course, it is not just about locking unwanted visitors out of the building as a whole, and access control on internal doors can make sure that any sensitive areas are kept off-limits to anyone who should not be there.

Programmable permissions mean you can change the specific areas to which different cards and fobs are able to grant access, so newcomers’ needs and one-off guests’ access requirements can be accommodated easily.

Net2 ISO cards come with or without a magstripe, and with space for the cardholder’s signature if appropriate; they can be fully customised to carry whatever graphic design you choose, making them suitable to double as ID cards, or as branded guest passes for a one-off or regular hosted event.

For a sleek and modern access alternative, try Net2 Proximity key fobs. These stylish and compact fobs each have a unique eight-digit identification number, which can be programmed into your access control system to allow entry through specific doors throughout your premises.

Thanks to their light weight and small size, Proximity fobs are ideal to be carried on a key chain – alongside any normal keys needed to unlock the building, perhaps – or again, for events and guests, the fobs can easily be attached to a neck chain or lanyard.

With such attention to detail and a commitment to providing quality products that improve the security of businesses across the world, it is no wonder Paxton Access Control have been going strong for three decades and ACC Security is proud to be able to supply their products.


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