CCTV systems are set up to protect businesses and deter criminals. Unfortunately, simply having a CCTV System is not always enough to deter or catch criminals, as was the case with the publicised Hatton Garden jewel heist that saw £50000 worth of diamonds stolen. The gang climbed down a lift and spent up to 24 hours drilling into concrete to get to the safety deposit boxes in the basement. A week later it came to light that detectives missed crucial ‘crystal clear’ CCTV footage showing high definition images of the crooks.

If the footage was found earlier it would have made a difference and the gang may have been caught. Other footage only shows the tops of their heads. A focused approach to security implementation is vital for stopping crimes like this from happening. Here are some tips to helping you be prepared.


Thanks to developments in technology, the best CCTV cameras now have facial recognition software to analyse a suspect’s face. It measures the distance between eyes, width of the nose and shape of the jaw. The measurements are recorded in a database and used for comparison when a user stands behind the camera.

It is worth investing in facial recognition software because there is a greater chance of criminals being caught. Not only is it difficult to fool, but it operates through facial landmarks and is more likely to come in handy when producing evidence in a court hearing.

To get the best out of your facial recognition software, it’s advisable to place your cameras at eye level, allowing for a clearer image of the face to be captured.


HD cameras have a greater resolution than regular cameras. ACC Security cameras have four times the definition of Sky HD, making sure the quality of recordings will never be in doubt. Using them in favour of regular cameras means they’ll cover a larger area with no loss of image resolution.

Another advantage comes with HD cameras delivering different aspect ratios, showing multiple angles of a scene in real time. A fleeing criminal will be recorded no matter how fast they are.


CCTV apps can be downloaded on mobile phones to have security on the go. They are covert methods of capturing crime without alerting the perpetrators. Once the footage is captured it’s a case of walking into the police station and showing it to the authorities.

Mobile CCTV apps are a good investment because of the regular updates and value for money.

The best method of protecting your home or business is to plan ahead and know your surroundings. If you’re moving to a new house or business premises ask around about the neighbourhood. Make sure you’re doing regular checks to CCTV cameras and updating the technology if necessary.

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