access control trends

Access Control Systems provide enhanced security through limiting access to networks, data and workstations to authorized personnel. Components of an Access Control System include an ID card, door lock, control panel, card reader, software and server. The increasing demand for better security is driving the Access Control Systems market, as a report from has shown.

Emerging trends show better image resolution and unchangeable personalisation will dominate card based Access Control Systems in the future. Another discovery highlighted in the report is card based systems have become the integrated solution for immediate response with electronic alarm systems.

Market growth is being affected by a lack of interoperability in existing security systems. This means that not every organisation is working alongside a security system. The market has seen a boom in alternative technologies such as near field communication (NFC) and biometric control access. Biometric control is a system built around gaining access to a restricted object or measuring human characteristics like fingerprints, however the cost of these technologies is leading to stunted market growth.

Access Control Systems employ a variety of cards like bar codes and smart cards. Current trends point towards the rising popularity of magnetic stripe cards. This increased demand is attributed to the card’s functionality. They are impervious to dirt and moisture and data can be customised and rewritten. The top businesses that are known to use card based control systems are those in the financial sector where security is essential.

ACC’s Access Control Systems are provided by Paxton and Avigilon. The technology is at the forefront of high security standards. We will continue to report on industry trends and update our products to give customers peace of mind in their homes and businesses.

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