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The Manchester Evening News has just published a story detailing CCTV camera statistics, which featured input from none other than our very own Managing Director, Simon Farmer. It even featured a picture of Simon in his ACC branded security shirt. He said “there is a big influx of more economical camera systems which have led to a big growth.”

Simon demonstrated the ACC values of wanting to provide businesses with affordable, dependable equipment by advising how a four camera system can be installed for as little as £300. Relying on cheaper software doesn’t mean a drop in quality. Simon pointed towards the cameras being able to track intruders and link to monitoring stations designed to deter criminals with speakers.

According to the article, there are at least 10,000 cameras operating across various networks. This applies to the road as well, with traffic cameras registering up to 800,000 number plates a day. With Commissioner Bernard Howe’s declaration of CCTV being a leading method in crime prevention, it comes as no surprise numbers are increasing.

GMP decided to use more Automatic Number Plate recognition static and mobile cameras. Manchester council tracks 260 cameras with over 100 cameras in the city centre. Also quoted in the article was Councillor Patrick Kerney who mentioned the Manchester bomb of 1996 spurred the council into using them, admitting CCTV in Manchester came late. 8000 number plates have been captured.

Placing cameras in strategic places leads to a stronger chance of justice being served to criminals. Statistics gathered by the MEN showed there’s an average of 7 cameras at every Metrolink stop, and their positioning helps to track people who are fleeing using public transport.

The rise of CCTV Cameras means an added sense of protection across the Greater Manchester area. As experts in CCTV Cameras and security systems in Manchester, we are more than happy to provide our input on the subject. Crime prevention is one of our leading principles and our HD CCTV Cameras are guaranteed to provide a safer business.

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