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Last month, we were proud to announce that we entered into an Agreed Certified Solutions Partnership (ACP) with Avigilon. Last week they proved why they are industry leading experts when they hosted the ‘Time On Your Side: Automated Access Control with Digital Mustering’ webinar to provide helpful tips to improving access control systems. You can watch it here.

In the webinar, Senior Product Manager, Steve Lewis addressed a number of topics based on creating an impregnable security system. A discussion of tracking employees in emergencies took place, based around creating a list of attributes to help prepare. Examples involved performing regular fire and lock down drills so staff could develop good emergency habits.

Data mustering is vital to these situations because it arranges personnel in a safe location. Many access control systems include emergency assembling tracking features, the advantage of which comes with combining the manual task of assembly and roll call into a single solution, saving time and energy.

The webinar also identified real time personnel tracking as a useful form of security and it looked at how by creating an automated map of the facility. It is possible to monitor a number of people and their movements. Improved manageability comes from knowing where staff have gathered during an emergency. Each work area will be able to learn over time and identify missing personnel in order to improve the search and rescue effort.

ACC Security is delighted to be associated with companies such as Avigilon and Paxton access control. These partnerships mean we’re able to supply customers with reliable, high quality products. To view our full range of Paxton access control Net2 products click here.

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