Commercial Security Systems Winter Burglary


Winter is officially upon us, and although it brings Christmas cheer, it also brings dark nights and extended periods of time away from your business – putting your premises at risk from break ins and burglaries.

Installing comprehensive commercial security systems can help boost security and give you peace of mind over the festive period. If you’ll be driving home for Christmas, or even if you’re just concerned about seasonal security, here is our guide to protecting your business from burglary during winter.

Consider commercial alarms.

Alarms are one of the most effective means of protecting a business – in fact, 6 in 10 burglaries are unsuccessful where an alarm is fitted. A noisy alarm will deter burglars and prevent costly incidents before they’ve occurred, so if alarms aren’t already a part of your commercial security system, it’s worth considered installation.  Combine with motion-censored security lighting and your business will be a fortress during those dark, wintery evenings.


Don’t rely on lock and key.

With a larger staff force, it can be hard to keep track of key distribution among employees. You can overcome this with an access control system – enabling you to identify who is entering the building, when and where. Not only that, access control can manage individual user permissions, so access can either be granted or denied.  As each staff member is identified with a fob or personal PIN number, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your keys.


Keep an eye on things at all times.

CCTV systems have come a long way. Recording hardware means that you can now view cameras remotely, from your own computer or smartphone – so if you’re away from your business for a long time over Christmas, you can still oversee goings on, day or night. By strategically planning the placement of your cameras, we will devise an optimal CCTV system to cover your building and any weak spots, and fall in line with your commercial security.


Check, check and double check.

It sounds obvious, but many are eager to get home during the festive period. Spending a little extra time doing a proper safety check around your business will lessen the chances of your spirits being dampened by disaster; switch everything off at the plug, test fire and intruder alarms and check your CCTV is running. If staff need to gain entry, ensure that they follow the same procedures before leaving the premises.


Follow these steps and your business is sure to be secure over winter. If you need more information about intruder alarms, CCTV systems, access control or any other aspect of business or home security systems, contact ACC today. Merry Christmas!