Commercial CCTV Benefits


You might think that you can’t keep your eye on your business 24/7, but you certainly can – by installing commercial CCTV.  With security cameras in place, your premises will be more secure; CCTV cameras provide the highest level of reliability and safety and the advancement of CCTV technology means that businesses can safeguard themselves better than ever before. The following are just a few of the ways commercial CCTV could benefit your business.

Deterring Thieves and Vandals


The British Retail Consortium has reported that in 2014 crime cost the UK retail industry £603 million – the highest since records began. One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism is to install a commercial CCTV system – it will enable you to monitor customers in real time. Installing cameras is really only half the battle; by enlisting professionals, cameras will be strategically placed to cover your entire premises and eliminate any weak spots. Integrating cameras into a security plan with intruder alarms and remote monitoring will best protect your business.


Monitoring Employees


Unfortunately, the Home Office reported that in 2014 alone there were approximately 69,000 incidences of employee theft within the UK’s wholesale and retail sector. By having a commercial CCTV system in place you are able to monitor employees to help prevent theft, and they can also help to boost productivity too. With larger operations such as warehouses or production lines, CCTV cameras can improve efficiency and safety, providing extra safety for your workforce – advanced CCTV technology can even be used to monitor speed limits of vehicles. This has been useful in one of our recent applications, the AK Worthington project. CCTV footage can also be used as evidence, should an incident occur.


Monitoring Access to Restricted Areas

Security cameras are also useful if you have areas within your premises that are restricted to customers or staff. Commercial CCTV allows you to monitor secured areas from a remote location, and you can even now monitor from your smartphone, computer or tablet, helping you to ensure that staff and/or visitors stay where they’re meant to be. You can even combine CCTV with access control for added peace of mind.


Providing Cost-Effective Security


CCTV systems for businesses have been popular for many years, but with the advancement of CCTV technology these systems are becoming more effective and affordable than ever before. HD CCTV cameras can capture high-resolution images which can allow you to easily identify trespassers. As these cameras can be dictated by type, placement and memory requirements, CCTV security systems can be engineered to fit any budget.


Installing CCTV should be one of the first steps of a strategic security plan. If you would like more information about commercial CCTV systems, contact ACC today.