General Security Services


Facilities management is a multi-billion pound industry. In this ever-changing sector, it’s vital that the security solutions you opt for are up to the challenge. Not only does ACC Security have the specialist equipment, we have the expert knowledge needed to keep both your site and your staff safe. If you run a facilities management company, here are the top five ways that, by providing sufficient general security services, ACC can make your life a lot easier.

By providing secure access control

Access control is about managing visitors and intruders on your premises and by having access control in place, you’re making every person accountable for their presence. Comprehensive access control combines software tools, ID recognition, well-designed entrance areas and physical barriers to stop unauthorised entry. The idea is to keep the wrong people out and let the right people in, quickly and efficiently. ACC Security can install the latest access control systems and will also provide the advanced technology and accessories required, including fobs and access cards.

Utilising an integrated digital system

A digital system provides a clear audit trail in the event of an incident. When facilities management relies on lax general security services and paper filing such as logbooks, and methods such as reusable visitor badges, security breaches can occur more readily than when using automated, digital systems. ACC provide digital systems that are both easy to create and access after some basic training. This type of digital security is also beneficial, as it protects your company’s confidential information and data by guarding it from competitors and hackers, with the appropriate computer technology.

By enhancing your image and improving emergency response

Modern, safe and comprehensive security solutions will make any company appear more professional – visitors to the building are processed efficiently, and registered entrants are made to feel expected and welcome. Any onsite personnel will also be safer in the event of an emergency – if the building must be evacuated, digital security systems can be used to determine the presence and location of staff and visitors within the facility, which will dramatically reduce emergency response time.

By applying our unrivalled, expert knowledge

ACC security is used to working on large scale applications and in critical environments, applying general security services for many commercial premises such as warehouses and event security. These systems must be comprehensive enough to monitor thousands of people simultaneously, using finely detailed and strategically positioned HD CCTV cameras. Our expertise spans many sectors, where extra vigilance is welcomed when operating and maintaining a business or premises. Every system is made up of advanced technology and complex design, to create the most efficient solution possible.

We’ll provide a bespoke security solution for your site

And these systems are always extremely varied. We know that facilities management is a very broad sector; that’s why our security specialists always get to know your company and operation, and devise a tailor-made solution that meets your individual needs. We will do whatever it takes to make your specific premises safer and more efficient, so you can see first-hand as the effects transfer on to your staff, making them safer and more efficient too.

If you require general security services for a facilities management company, ACC Security can provide a comprehensive solution – as well as a productive and protective working environment for all your staff. The solutions we provide are flexible, efficient, cost-effective and above all, safe. If you would like more information or need to set up regular maintenance, contact the ACC Security team today.