Improving business productvity

When it comes to modern-day security systems, a costly purchase can often turn into a cost-saver. Thanks to the ability to link many different systems together, there are now opportunities to create intelligent security solutions. These will add many benefits to your business and its security. One main benefit? Increased productivity.

How can access control improve productivity?

Assisting with Workforce Management

In working environments that happen to be time-critical, staff management is crucial – and secure access control can make all the difference.

Entry authentication is an impressively effective way to record employees’ punctuality and attendance. Additional software is not required without the need for additional software. This is particularly useful for companies that employee persons on a part-time, flexi-time or shift-work basis. It also works for businesses where timed billing is vital – for example, within a legal practice.

Improving Customer Service

Access control can actually do wonders for customer service. Visitors are first greeted by a reception point. Then, their details are logged and an automated system ensures that the appropriate member of staff is alerted. This system could be suitably applied to a number of operations; from offices and GP’s surgeries to financial institutions.

Improving Compliance

Equally, access control is the perfect means of recording staff movement and activity for compliance purposes. In the event of an incident, access control can help with auditing or investigation, helping business owners to identify persons or pinpoint the exact locations of staff members at any one moment in time.

Helping to Control Energy Consumption

By combining access control and intruder sensors, a system can give a very accurate picture of when a facility is being used. In an age where energy consumption is of high importance to all business, the ability to shut down heating and cooling systems and also lighting when they are not in use is highly desirable. Once again, this is especially effective in businesses that work on a shift basis, where certain parts of the facility need to be dormant at certain times, in order to reduce wastage.

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