There are many kinds of door access control systems available on the market, however, they all have one thing in common. Whether they are controlled using swipe cards, proximity cards, fobs or numeric codes, their main purpose is to keep your business safe and secure. Here are some of the reasons why a door access control system is essential for your business:

1. No need to worry about lost or stolen keys

The old fashioned lock and key locking system is all well and good for some, but when a key is lost, or falls into the wrong hands it can be a major pain for businesses, especially if that key is a master key that allows access to various doors. Electronic door access control systems save the hassle of having to call a locksmith as the codes can easily be reset or stolen fobs and key-cards can be deactivated.

2. Know who is in the building and where they are

Systems such as Paxton access control are able to monitor the location of individuals within a building due to each staff member’s fob having a unique electronic signature. For businesses with large numbers of staff, this can be life saving in the event of a fire or emergency.

3. Control who goes where

Zone control systems allow you to be able to give different levels of access to different members of staff. This is essential if your certain areas of your premises hold sensitive information, expensive equipment, hazardous materials or anything else that would require access to be restricted. Keep your staff safe by making sure they don’t go where they’re not supposed to.

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