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ACC’s Simon Farmer Provides Expert Commentary for Source Security

Security solutions with ACC and partners Avigilon

ACC’s Simon Farmer Provides Expert Commentary for Source Security

Exciting things are happening in the security solutions industry, with many market leaders releasing innovative and advanced products. One such leader is global security giant and our partner, Avigilon – specialists in HD CCTV equipment.

With the latest release from Avigilon, the 7k HD Pro, dividing opinion among industry experts, our managing director Simon Farmer was asked for his views for the independent, complete security guide, Source Security. This online guide offers product information, news and industry events and is the market leading information resource serving the security industry.

Simon could talk for hours on the subject of security solutions and new technology, so he was more than happy to take part when approached by the expert commentary part of the site. During his interview he focused on the variety of applications in which 7k cameras are most useful, expressing the importance of these technological advances in the driving of the development in security solutions as a whole.

Critics have raised the argument that the ultra-HD, finely detailed footage that Avigilon’s latest model provides may only be useful in certain situations – for example use in casinos. Simon emphasises the many other applications that would benefit from 7k cameras, including large open spaces such as stadiums, city centres and expansive warehouses.

He also goes on to say how a single 7k can outperform three 2k cameras, covering the same area and therefore saving costs for those who chose to utilise this technology. Simon also praises Avigilon, for their commitment to innovating technology and striving to continually better themselves; as this makes way for the security solutions that are available commercially to continue to evolve.

The full article can be viewed over on the expert commentary section of Source Security. If you have any questions regarding Aviligon’s HD 7k Pro, contact one of the team today.


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