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We’re Excited to Announce the Arrival of Paxton net10!


Introducing the new Paxton net10

As an approved installer of Paxton access control, we’re excited to announce the arrival of the all new Paxton net10, the latest in advanced access control and building intelligence. This simple system provides multiple solutions, designed to optimise the management of any building, integrating all aspects of security in a seamless and streamlined way.

The follow up system to Paxton net2, the current marketing-leading system, Paxton net10 is able to effortlessly interface with any existing building infrastructure. The intelligent system uses inputs, such as the identification of a person or change in environment, to automatically adjust security features and appliances; including lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms. For simple, easy building management the net10 compromises an advanced web-based user interface and a selection of discreet hardware.

Just a few of its features

Well, where do we start? The entire system delivers a security solution that is unrivalled in its technological features, whilst still exhibiting the simplicity that Paxton products are renowned for. Features include the net10 alarm connector, which offers secure, user-specific control on both intruder alarms and fire alarm monitoring. This single board is capable of restricting access to any number of doors across a premises, whenever an intruder alarm is armed – this has vastly reduced the number of cables required, making it easy and fast to install.
The hub of the system is the Paxton net10 server; offering powerful and future-proof technology. In the unlikely event of a drive failure, there is an automatic system back-up and flexible system restore. It also boasts cross platform compatibility via Google Chrome – you can use the system on PC, Mac or Linux and there’s no configuration required; you simply browse to the weblink displayed on the unit. There’s even a 32GB USB back-up, for added peace of mind. The net10 server’s versatility, usability and flexibility make it suitable for a wide variety of installations.
Other features include an improved net10 reader, available as both standard and desktop, and a net10 controller that’s capable of hosting up to 100 controllers on the aforementioned net10 server. These controllers can be distributed around a building to operate various appliances, for easy, hassle-free management of not just your building, but what’s inside it too.

Streamlined building management

The advanced new features of the Paxton net10 continue; the net10 delivers full access control, IP video management and building automation, all straight out of the box. For a full list of the latest Paxton system’s possibilities, you can visit the net10 system website.
Built with simplicity, versatility and elegance in mind, the net10 is the next step in access control technology. This is a fully-integrated building intelligence system that provides not only top-level security, but energy-efficiency and convenience too. It’s the continual developments in advanced access control systems, such as the net10, that have secured Paxton’s place as industry-leaders, driving forward technology and making premises more secure – one intelligently-controlled building at a time. It’s what makes us proud to be approved installers on Paxton’s products, able to provide the best possible solution for any application.

To find out more about the system or to arrange a future installation, contact one of the ACC Security team.


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